Teen Therapy

  • Is school getting you down?
  • Do you struggle to fit in?
  • Do you hide your feelings inside and are they affecting your relationships?
  • Are you angry at the world, your parents, school, depressed?
  • Are you cutting, drinking, or using drugs as a way to calm how you feel?
  • Would you like a private place to sort out your life?

It’s tough being a teen today.  The world is so confusing, and it seems like no one really understands or wants to take the time to listen. And then again, you aren’t even sure what is bothering you.

The temptations and choices are everywhere.  Sometimes a kid needs help sorting through their feelings, thoughts and morals. As a professional counselor for adolescents/teens, I can help by providing a safe and confidential space where we can explore your inner thoughts and fears. You will be supported and never judged or ridiculed. The two of us can try to figure out how your life can be better.

When a person better understands who they are, they can make choices that support a positive future. It’s a win-win situation.  You will benefit and your family will have less conflicts and be stronger because you are on a better life path.

Are you the parent of a defiant teenager? Has your home become a battlefront? As part of teenage counseling,  I work with parents on how to create better ways to interact and have the family you want.

If you are reading this, you are already thinking about Counseling.  Finding a Therapist can be a challenge. Raising teenagers is a bigger challenge. I can help.  It’s time to take the first step on a new journey for You and Your Family.